Planning Your New Year Resolutions

Around this time we are all still indulging in mulled wine, mince pies and Yorkshire puds! In a weeks time the annual come down hits and we remember it's new year and we quickly make a resolution which we know we'll never stick to but it's a great conversation starter so we roll with it. 

This post is all about planing for success. Give yourself time to think about your resolutions and make them really personal. They don't have to be based on health or nutrition and they can be as large or as small as you so desire. Follow my tips to ensure they are a success. 

My top tips for planning:

1. Time - I suggest you set aside some time for you to think about this. Write down all the things you've achieved this year and what you would like to achieve in 2017. Start small and get bigger with your desired achievements. 

2. Step-by-step - I like to call this the staircase technique; write down your steps for how you're going to achieve your biggest resolution. Let's use the example of weight loss (after all it is one of the most common resolutions), plan the changes you're going to make to your diet and your exercise regimes. Begin small. As an example start adding one portion of fruit and vegetables to your meals and swapping your afternoon chocolate for a piece of fruit or handful of nuts. Then you may wish to add in an extra hour of exercise a week, or even just a brisk walk (this can be spread over 2 workouts) and go from there. 

3. Monitor - Create a routine to regularly monitor your progress; be able to identify the aspects which are working and the aspects which are not. This is your time to change your plan accordingly. Please note: if you are planing on making a large dietary change please do it under the supervision of a registered nutritionist to prevent any deficiencies or dangers and remember what works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa. 


Now get planning!