Christmas Gift Guide for a Healthy Foodie

Christmas always seems to come round so fast and if you are anything like me then you leave all the present buying to the last minute and Christmas becomes a super stressful time of year! 

Again, if you’re like me then you wouldn’t have done any of your christmas shopping yet and as I’ve been scanning the internet for months I have decided to put together a gift guide for a health conscious individual. In the past I have thought that unless it’s food or exercise wear, then buying gifts for healthy people can be tricky. However, I’ve done the hard work for you - all you need to do is scroll! 


1. Happy + Co

Often products made from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials can appear recycled and distasteful. However, Happy + Co are a new brand comprising of beautifully designed home wear from cushions, table linen, furniture and bedding . Their products are beautiful, different and classy. The subtle colours make them a safe gift for any one no matter their home decor. I am particularly loving their cushions as they really complete a room. Oh and did I mention that Happy + Co give 10% of all their profits to the Happy +Co Farm in Cambodia (which helps with employment and feeding the local community). 

Check out Happy + Co!

happy and co cush 1.jpg

2. Marlow London

I really am no fashionista but I recently got a Marlow London scarf and I haven’t taken it off. I love the fact that it's super light. It is made of cashmere and so despite being light it keeps you warm in the winter. It's perfect to keep in your bag and will dress up any outfit. Marlow Londons are also made locally which is a massive plus as I think it’s really important to support people on your door step.


I recommend a browse on the Marlow London website (also check out their bags if you’re a bag kinda girl too). You can use the code: MARLOWXMAS for an extra 20% off!

3. Lalani and Co 

I've recently become quite a matcha convert. It's the perfect coffee alternative, as it contains slow releasing caffeine meaning you get an energy hit but you won't experience the crash afterwards! Matcha isn't quite the same when it's made with a spoon in a mug, it generally appears much lumpier this way. Do not stress, I have the answer with this matcha set by Lalani and Co you'll never have a lumpy matcha again! It comes with a tub of matcha which will last you a while so you're fully equipped for the new year. Lalani and Co also have a beautiful range of luxury, high quality teas.

4.Sweetly Simple

Sweetly Simple have recently launched their new potions created with adaptogenic herbs which support your adrenal system to help control cortisol and stress responses. These potions are beyond adorable; their gorgeous packaging makes them look beautiful in the kitchen. Nutritional Therapist and Founder Jodie Brandman has ensured the Sweetly Simple potions will help us sparkle, feel brilliant and loved!


This adorable stationary brand makes doing the admin a whole lot more enjoyable! They key product which stands out for me is the Gratitude Journal. With the new year quickly approaching, it is the perfect time to take a step back and encourage ourselves to be a little bit more grateful. This can really help with improving our positive mental attitude and overall wellness. KIKKI-K can are available online or at Selfridges.