Top 5's With Libby Limon

Libby Limon is a degree qualified, London based Nutritional Therapist as well as fully qualified and experienced yoga teacher.  As an independent Nutritional Therapist, Nutrition Consultant and Yoga Teacher, she has busy clinics in Online and Marylebone and teaches studio yoga classes @ Frame studios.  On the corporate side, she has worked on various projects, workshops, recipe development/collections, wellbeing seminars with a number of brands and corporations, even created the ‘World's healthiest burger'. 

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She regularly writes or provides expert comment in the media inc. Cosmopolitan, Fabulous magazine,, Glamour, Shortlist,, Huffington Post, The Independent, Sunday Times Style, Evening Standard, Glamour Magazine,, Natural Health Magazine, Your Fitness Today magazine,, Womens Health Magazine etc.

Top 5's

1. Book – I read to disconnect and escape so I still only read paper books. I recently enjoyed a beautiful story about an Indian artist who bicycled from Indian to Sweden for love. Imaginatively called ‘The Amazing Story of the Man Who Cycled from India to Europe for Love’. It reminded me of two important things that strive for ‘gratefulness’ and ‘love and happiness is true success’

2. Podcast – Invisibilia, from the NPR crew, is an amazing and interesting podcast about science that you can’t see. Everything from emotions, just constructs built by our societies to a blind man seeing with sounds. It demonstrates theory in practice with personal experiences and human interest stories.

3. Instagram account – thelifestyleedit, full of inspiring entrepreneurial women as well as tasty food, gorgeous interiors and aspiring fashion.

4. Fitness class – Yoga, yoga, yoga, I do other things but yoga is always my backbone and only real love. I practice vinyasa flow and jivamukti at my local studios yogaloftlondon and sanyge yoga.

5. App – Sleepcycle. I love to sleep but sometimes, like many people, struggle due to overactive mind or stress. Sleep is so important to health and wellbeing but is often neglected as our lives are so busy. Sleepcycle cleverly listens to your breathing as you sleep to record you sleep cycles, so depth as well as length. It’s a great way to monitor if you are getting enough and therefore be mindful to work on improving quality and quantity if you need to.

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