Nutrition and Oral Health ... What Are The Contradictions?

Oral health... This isn’t something which is spoken about in the wellness world as much as it  should be. We often think about health and food in relation to energy, weight, disease  prevention and workouts and for some reason our teeth are often missed. As a result I thought I’d share with you my top nutrition tips for maintaining oral health. 


1. Reduce your green tea- So this one may seem fairly controversial coming from me. I used  to drink 5/6 cups a day and had no idea that it contributed to teeth staining. Whilst green tea  is rich in antioxidants and slow releasing caffeine it makes for a healthier alternative to coffee  although just limit the amount you drink for the sake of your teeth. Swap some of those cups  for herbal varieties instead.

2. Brush well - whilst this isn’t directly related to nutrition, brushing helps to remove any  plaque and excess food which may stay around the teeth causing acid attacks and breaking  down the enamel. I recently have been using my new Foreo toothbrush which firstly looks  beautiful (I got the pink one) and also makes the brushing experience super easy. It buzzes  every time you should move areas and switches off after 2.5 minutes. So easy! 


3. Eat your oily fish - oily fish is a great source of vitamin D and calcium. As we get older we  still require calcium for our teeth (even though we typically associate this with children).  Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium and so whilst vitamin D can be difficult to  get from dietary sources you should consume them where possible. Aim for 2 portions of oily  fish a week. 

4. Repair your teeth - food which we consider as part of a healthy diet such as fruit can  contribute to tooth decay (I am absolutely not suggesting that you never eat them I’m simply making you aware) as a result ensure you’re consuming foods which are high in phosphorus  and calcium as these minerals will help to repair the damage. Foods rich include meat, fish,  dairy, nuts and seeds. 

5. Limit your alternative sweeteners: Alternative sweeteners are still sugar consequently they  too contribute to tooth decay and should be consumed in moderation as a replacement for  refined sugar not an addition. 

It may seem overwhelming in order to pick the right foods not only for your overall health but also for your oral health it shouldn’t stress you out. Focus on eating a well rounded balanced diet, opt  for a high quality toothbrush such as Foreo and ensure you brush twice a day.