Christmas Menu For £10 a Head

When it comes to Christmas we often associate it with a hefty price tag. However, a well put together Christmas menu doesn't neccesarily have to break the bank. I've put together a Christmas menu for £10 a head based on 4 people. All prices are based on Tesco prices. (Note: I've assumed you have the basics: oil, salt, pepper)

Chestnut, fig and roasted butternut squash salad with walnuts and rocket and a honey  balsamic dressing.

1x pack of Merchant Gourmet Pre Cooked Chestnuts = £1.50
1x pack of fresh figs =£2.00
1x regular butternut squash = £0.90
100g walnut peices = £1.30
1x wild rocket = £1.00
1x Tesco balsamic vinegar of Modena = £1.00
1x Tesco basic honey = £0.99

Total: £8.69

1. Chop the squash into cubes and roast in olive oil, salt and pepper. 
2. Combine the balsamic vinegar with honey and oil. 
3. Layer up the salad, dress and serve 


Christmas turkey.jpeg

Roast Turkey With All The Extras!

1x Tesco British Butter Basted Turkey Joint with black pepper sprinkle -1.1kg serves 6 = £10.00
1x 500g bag parsnips = £0.59
1x 1kg bag carrots = £0.47
1x red cabbage = £0.69
1x cox apple = £0.35
1x cinnamon = £0.85
1x broccoli = £0.55
1x 800g sweet potatoes = £0.80
1x brussel sprouts = £1.25
1x Tesco cranberry sauce = £0.75 (I know this isn't the healthiest but it's for Christmas)
1x smoked paprika = £0.85

Total: £17.30

1. Roast the turkey as per instructions.
2. Peel and chop the carrots, parnsips and brussel sprouts. Roast them in oil, salt, water and paprika. 
3. Steam the broccoli.
4. Roast the sweet potatoes or steam them and turn them into mash. 
5. Slice the red cabbage and place it in a pot with oil, sliced apple and cinnamon. Cook over a low light untl soft. 


Healthy desserts are often the bank breaker - by the time you've purchased all the alternative flours, the sugar alternatives and the dairy-free milks it's not surprised the bank account is slightly wobbly. However, I have come up with an alternative - it's super easy and relatively cheap. 

Mince Pie Filling served with dairy-free yoghurt. 

Don't knock this one - it may not sound all that exciting but it sure does taste delicious! 

2x cox apples = £0.70
1x Tesco Whole Foods raisin cranberry mix (300g) = £3.00
1x Cinnamon (already accounted for)
1x Mixed spice = £0.85
1x Ground cloves = £0.85
1x Ground all spice = £0.85
2x oranges = £0.60
2x 250g Coyo = £7.00 (You can use Greek yoghurt for a cheaper option). 

Total: £13.85

1. Make the mince pie filling from my Mince Pie recipe . (Combine the dried fruit and add 210g of the raisin and cranberry mix. 
2. Serve with coconut or Greek yoghurt and top with honey and cinnamon. 

Total: £39.84

There you have it - a healthy Christmas dinner for less than £10 a head based on 4 people.