Christmas Gift Guide For A Fitness Fanatic, Wellness Warrior and Fervid Foodie

If you're anything like me then you're usually buying the presents on the evening of Christmas eve! However, this year I'm being super prepared by sharing with you this gift list for your health freak friend. (Yes, I'm writing this one for my benefit too!)

1. The Atlas Of Natural Beauty

an atlas of natural beauty.jpg

This is the most beautiful book (inside and out). It makes the perfect gift for your wellness friend who tries to drag you to yoga classes on a regular basis. This book teaches you all about natural beauty and shares with you the origin, benefits and uses for more natural beauty ingredients. It even provides some gorgeous recipes for your body and your face!

2. Fushi Oils

fushi oils.jpg

These are amoungst the most natural oils on the market. Their beuatiful packaging makes for the perfect gift. This present goes hand in hand with The Atlas Of Natural Beauty which explains some of the details behind these oils. Amoung my favourite are: coconut, hemp, rose and pomegranate. 

3. One-10 Spin Vouchers

I've tried my fair share of London based spin classes and One-10 is by far my favourite. The classes aren't too big and so you don't feel like another number and the beautiful, well equipped changing rooms allow you to prepare in luxury. The studio provides two types of ride: Paceline - this is for the hard core, competitive fitness fanatics and Paceline - the party ride (as they call it)... Need I say more?

4. An Abel and Cole Subscription

abel and cole.jpg

This is the perfect gift for your fervid foodie! Abel and Cole are a food delivery service where by they deliver weekly boxes containing a variety of fruits and vegetables. The produce is all fresh from UK farms and it's the perfect gift to encourage your recipient to get creative as each week a surprise will land on their doorstep. It's also the perfect answer to encouraging us to try new fruits and vegetables as we can often get stuck in our ways!

5. The Avocado Knife

avocado slicer.jpg

Did you know slicing hands from cutting up your avo is one of the most common kitchen injuries nowadays? (Serious first world problems right there). After slicing my own hand and ending up in hospital with a fair number of stiches later (yes, it's a seriuos injury), I actually invested in one of these myself... It's a game changer... Trust me. This cheap and cheerful gift makes for the perfect stocking filler or secret santa present. 

There you have my top 5 christmas gifts for a fitness fanatic, wellness warrior or fervid foodie... Let me know if you buy anything on it and how it's received!