How To Enjoy Christmas Day Without Over Doing It

We've discussed a Christmas menu for less than £10 a head, a Christmas gift guide and staying healthy at your Christmas party it's now time for me to give you a quick run down of how to stay healthy on Christmas day. I'm keeping it short as I'm well aware you've got presents to buy (and wrap), decorations to put up, food to order and Christmas pudding to make! So here are my top 5 tips for staying healthy on Christmas day... 

christmas joy.jpeg

1. Start the night before - try not to overdo the drinking on Christmas eve. Alcohol often leads to sugar cravings and increases your desire to over eat. Opt for dry spirits with lime and sparkling water and ensure you stay hydrated. 

2. Exercise - I'm not suggesting you have to pound it out in the gym but if you're up early on Christmas day then I suggest getting in a 20 minute home workout or a short jog/power walk before the maddness begins. Alternatively, take the opportunity to go on a walk with your guests or family in the afternoon. 

3. Eat breakfast - It can be very tempting to skip breakfast for that extra slice of Christmas pudding but skipping meals can cause your blood sugar levels to drop. As a result you're more likely to pick the sweeter stuff and overconsume on it too. 

4. Sleep- The run up to Christmas day can be a stressful and busy time which often causes people to scrimp on sleep. However, doing so can play havoac with your hormones and once again cause you to crave the sweet stuff and more of it. 

5. Eat slowly - Did you know it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register you're full. Eating quickly often causes you to pack more food into that time than you need. Slow down, chew your food to engage your brain and enjoy the conversation with those around you as this can help you to eat slower too. 

There you have it. My simple tips to enjoy Christmas day without over doing it. All that's left is is for me to wish you a very happy Christmas! Stay tuned for some new year tips too.