Ethos Review

Ethos is located in the heart of Oxford Circus among the hustle and bustle of London life  however, upon entering it’s like a little forest of calm deliciousness.

ethos symbol.jpg

Ethos is a vegetarian buffet style restaurant, which to be perfectly honest isn’t my usual choice as I’ve usually associated buffets with large portions of greasy food served up in silver vats  with a growing collection of bacteria once all the guests have helped themselves. But ethos  was not like this at all. 

As soon as you walk in your faced with an array of gorgeous colours and smells of the fresh  food all plated up on beautiful bowls on a large table ahead of you. There’s no oily vegetables, no silver trays, the bowls weren’t piled high to the point where it becomes off putting and the  restaurant was crystal clean. 

Naomi and I were greeted by a welcoming smile from the manager Kyle. We were taken to our marble topped table (perfect for the Insta photo) and explained that we could just go up and  help ourselves (winning). The food was laid out on varying levels on round tables in the middlewhich means that if you’re like me and slightly vertically challenged you can still see  everything.  

ethos salads.jpg

As we approached the table we made the executive decision to suss out the variety of salads, curries, fresh stews, homemade dips (including hummus - they’ve won me over right there)  and the amazing selection of raw and baked desserts before we went in for the kill. You pay by weight and if like me you want to taste everything the bill can quickly clock up. As dietary  requirements are practically essential to be on trend in the 21st century Ethos has you covered;they list out the ingredients and the allergens in all of the dishes on the back of the labels so  you can save the embarrassment of the usual waiter’s quiz. 

I opted for the black quinoa salad, roasted broccoli, turmeric roasted cauliflower, roasted  sweet potato with plantain (now that’s a treat), miso aubergine, Ethos’s signature scotch egg  and of course a big dollop of hummus. The best part was that I got to dig into the sweetcorn  fritters (among other items) off Naomi’s plate too which were absolutely exceptional. Poor  Naomi I’m pretty sure I polished off the majority of her plate before we even started our  meeting. 

ethos salads.jpg

Once you’ve loaded your plates you head towards the drinks fridge which caters for all  audiences. You’re sorted with green juice and vegetable smoothies if that’s your style, diet  coke for the less healthy, vino and hibiscus G&Ts for the stressful days and of course matcha  lattes for the business meetings. Ethos will meet your needs for all scenarios.

So, if you’re in London and looking for a quick lunch spot or a longer dinner hang-out then Ethos is your place to go and for the days when you’re particularly hangry you won’t need to wait for food.