Incorporating Exercise Into Bank Holiday Weekend

Christmas has passed, you may have over indulged and you're aware that all your bank holiday weekend plans revolve around food or drink and that's fine. Delicious food and popping a few corks are all part of celebrations. I'm not going to stop you enjoying youself. I'm simply providing you with 5 top tips for incorporating more exercise into your weekend. 


1. Find a buddy - working out with a friend or a partner is always more fun than working out alone so whether it be a walk or a home workout grab your friend and drag them in too. 

2. Make it a social - If you had a brunch booked you can always suggest going to a class instead (or before brunch). If you're lacking in motivation then a class is your best shout as all you need to do is turn up! 

3. Hit the woods - or a park or the road for that matter. Try and get out for a walk at some point over the weekend whether this be a walk with the dog, your SO or your best bud. The fresh air will do you good too. 

4. Get off a stop earlier- whether you're attending your social plans by tube, bus or car try and walk a little extra. It may require you to get off the bus or the tube a stop earlier or simply park that little bit further away but every little helps to get those steps in. 

5. Active activites - exercise doesn't always have to feel like exercise. There are some great social activities which don't involve actively seeking a workout. Some examples include trampolining and rock climbing. 

In summary, if you've got some good friends who you can rope in on a workout then definitely take advantage and if not then I recommend trying to mask it in the form of an activity!