Staying Healthy At Your Christmas Party

The Christmas season has rolled round again, every year it seems to jump up on us faster and faster. The festive season often comes with festive menus, afterwork drinks, syrupy hot chocolates and christmas parties. Over the festive period I will be sharing my top tips for enjoying the festive period whilst ensuring that when Janurary hits you haven't packed on the pounds. 

1. Fill your plate with veggies.

Christmas dinners often focus on the meat, the wine and the desserts. As a result you're more likely to pile up these items and forget the vegetables. If you fill half your plate with the vegetables you're consuming less energy dense food, ensuring a range of micronutrients and contributing to your fibre intake which will keep you fuller for longer. 

2. Drink, water, drink

Open bar, end of year and an abundance of alcohol often leads to a good enough reason to drink yourself into oblivion, do something you'll most likely regret and stumble into the office the next day. Whilst I'm not suggesting that you remain tee-total I recommend you consume a glass of water between each drink to ensure you stay hydrated. Trust me your head will thank you for it the next day. 

3. Eat throughout the day

Often when people are going to a big event it can be all too tempting to not eat very much throughout the day to ensure you've 'saved space' for the party. However, if you abstain from food throughout the day your blood sugar levels are likely to be low which will cause you to over eat, eat quickly and opt for less healthy chioces. Make sure that you eat balanced meals with plenty of protein to help your blood sugar levels stay balanced throughout the day.

4. Pass on the cocktails

Cocktails are high in sugar and empty calories, as they're super sweet they're easy to overdo. You're better off opting for clear spirits, fresh lime and sparkling water or dry wines or champagne over prosecco as it's lower in sugar. The high sugar drinks can also contribute to your hangover the next day. 

christmas drinks.jpeg

5. Hit the dance floor 

Hitting the dance floor can help you hit your daily step target and counts as your daily exercise without you even realising it! 

There you have my top 5 tips on how to enjoy your christmas party whilst staying relatively healthy.