Self- Appriectation, Respect and Even Love

In light of Valentine’s Day I have based this article around the role in which nutrition plays in self-love. I am not referring to ‘self-love’ in a vain manner merely one of self acceptance and respect. The importance of understanding nutrition to implement self-love is vital. There are too many cases in which people use nutrition and exercise to punish themselves or even as a form as self-harm. Crazy it may sound, I’ve seen it before. 

This article is about understanding your body and accepting the times when it quite simply doesn’t feel inclined to fall into it’s orders. These are the times when you need to take a step back and stop. Of course correct nutrition and exercise is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, however, there will be days when you really can’t attend that spin class or you’re very late and are just unable to prepare lunch.  These are the days when your self-love is truly put to the test. You absolutely should not hate yourself for picking up that sandwich or watching an episode of your favourite reality TV programme instead of smashing a HIIT session.

Showing self-love and self respect comes in all forms including eating well and exercising but equally it comes in the form of stopping, listening, resting and accepting. 

Your body is like a machine, if it’s left constantly on standby eventually it will crash.

If for the most part you lead a healthy lifestyle, prepare your meals and pick the healthy options where possible and exercise regularly then that’s the best you can do. Realise that. So please, take some time this month, stop, accept and respect.