Is Matcha Worthy Of Its New Status?

You may or may not be aware of my latest matcha obsession. Matcha is a pure green tea powder. It has become the latest trend and appears to be one of the most photographed drinks on Instagram. However, are we all jumping on the matcha bandwagon or does it really have reason for its new found status? Let me explain:

1. Antioxidants: this is key word which I’m forever discussing. Antioxidants are produced within the body however, we require them through the diet in order to optimise their role. Antioxidants act to counteract the effects and remove the presence of free radicals. Free radicals are produced through our body’s everyday mechanisms such as digestion. They’re produced in greater amounts in response to our exposure to chemicals, pollution and even exercise (although that shouldn’t stop you). Free radicals promote cell damage and cell death. Antioxidants lend free radicals electrons to stabilise the free radicals and ensure all their electrons are paired. 

2. Slow Releasing Caffeine: There is a significant amount of research surround caffeine, the findings are extremely mixed but the caffeine in matcha is slower releasing and so you won't get that ultimate drop after a caffeine hit. Sometimes when you need that energy hit but you don’t want that slump or the coffee breath afterwards, matcha is your answer. 

3. Memory and Concentration: Some research suggests that matcha can actually stimulate the memory and your concentration. It is thought that the L-Theanine in the matcha promotes dopamine and seratonin production which in turn improves your memory and concentration. 

4. Chlorophyll: Some research has suggested that chlorophyll is beneficial in hormonal balance and control. As a result it may control blood sugar spikes and reduce cravings. 

I have listed out a mere few of the benefits of matcha however, there are many more. 

Unlike coffee matcha does not leave you with withdrawals. I definitely recommend swapping one or two coffees a week for matcha if you can. Understandably it is more difficult and more expensive to get hold. In conclusion, matcha is definitely worthy of it’s new found status.