What Are The Latest Food Trends Doing To Our Waistlines?

Recently Public Health England have shared their concerns about our out-of-home food consumption and what exactly this new found trend is doing to our health. 

When I speak to anyone from the older generations it’s very clear that going out to eat was a treat which was only ever a possibility for a special occasion. Coffee shops were never a thing and eating on the go certainly wouldn’t have been acceptable. However, 2017 appears to be a
million miles from these old-fashioned, out-dated, traditional behaviours. 


Many of us rarely eat at home, we eat breakfast out of tupperwares, lunch from one of the high-street coffee chains and dinner at the latest ‘instagrammed’ restaurant. In addition to this, there has been a huge rise in trendy and upper class junk food. The sourdough pizzas, matcha doughnuts and sweet potato fries are successfully fooling us through their  high-quality, deluxe ingredients list. However, they’re contributing to the slow decline of our health and our bank balances too. 

I’m going to put it quite simply, with the help of a few numbers (no-one can argue with the numbers). 

A Franco Manca sourdough margherita pizza contains 800 kcal, 30g of fat and 1.5g of salt. 

A Pizza Express margherita pizza contains 729kcal, 23.3g fat and 1.1g salt. 

A small Dominoes margherita contains 723kcal, 21g of fat and 3.6g of salt. 

As we can see from this one small example, the posh pizza won’t always triumph. Now, this isn’t to say that a regular pizza is healthier than a sourdough one, the numbers don’t monitor the sourdough’s kindness to our gut. It’s simply to make us realise that the reality of these junk foods is that they’re no exception when we look at the contributors to the decline in our health. We can still eat but they shouldn’t be sneaking their way onto our staples list.