Why Is Social Media Becoming So Staged?

Recently, I have begun to feel hugely let down and quite frankly bored by social media. I woke up one day this week to discover that the majority of the people I follow are giving out the same message: social media has become too negative.

 Over the Easter weekend the only message on Instagram was #balance. You don’t need to feel guilty for what you’re eating and you shouldn't feel the need to workout in order to burn it all off the next day. Now whilst these are extremely important messages and ones which I do agree with, I really am beginning to loathe seeing my Instagram feed as a constant repeat of everyone else's. Social media platforms are a great thing (which I value highly, as the majority of my work comes to me via social media). They provide everyone with an opportunity to voice their opinions but what happens when our opinions merely become a constant flow of repetition? It’s becoming clear that social media is being used as a forum for people to jump on the bandwagon in order to gain popularity. 

I really do understand the importance of ensuring that your followers are enjoying your content. However, this is getting all too much and far too staged for my liking. Unfortunately, when a large amount of your business is reliant on social media it’s not all that easy to run away. So what I am asking is are we all becoming like sheep?