How To Enjoy Easter Without Falling Into The Trap Of Gluttony

Easter is a time for family, friends and eggs (lots and lots of eggs). However, we aren’t talking about the yolk running, high protein, chicken kind of eggs. No, we’re talking the caramel oozing, truffle filled, Cadbury kind. I’m certainly not here to ruin your Easter fun. However, around this time of year I get lots of questions asking how to enjoy Easter and a few eggs without falling into a complete sugar frenzy. Here I’ll give you my top tips of how to do so. 

1. Pick your eggs - Some people find themselves receiving eggs from all angles; their collection quickly builds up and before they know it they’re just ‘having a taste’ of them all. Remember you don’t have to eat every egg you receive. In fact, if you end up opening them all you’re more likely to keep going back for ‘one more bite’. Pick your top few and stick to them. This doesn’t mean the others have to go to waste though, there’s always a homeless shelter nearby who would love to receive eggs and join in the spirit of Easter. 

2. Save the extras - Easter is about eggs, it’s not necessarily about consuming as much chocolate as humanly possible. Often though, eggs come with chocolate bars, truffles and drinks. It is not compulsory to consume everything all at once. The extras are great for stashing in the cupboard and saving for a night in with friends. 

3. Consider your meals - Just because you’ll be eating a little more chocolate than usual this isn’t to say you should skip meals or change any of your other dietary habits. Just try to ensure that your meals are packed with vegetables, protein and healthy source of fats (foods such as nuts, olive oil, tahini, hummus, avocado are all great sources) as this will help to stabilise your blood sugar as much as possible when you’re eating eggs high in sugar. 

4. Exercise - Try and get 30 minutes of active exercise time in during the days over the bank holiday weekend. This will help you feel revitalised and energised rather than exhausted when the sugar slump hits. 

5. Enjoy - After all this is what Easter is about; don’t let your focus on health detract from your enjoyment of Easter. These small tips are simply here for you in order to enjoy the Easter eggs without feeling lethargic and sick at the end of it! On that note, all that’s left is for me to wish you all a happy Easter. Keep an eye out for some exciting recipes coming your way this week and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or via Instagram