Finding Those Hidden Sugars

Often when we refer to ‘sugar-free’ we actually mean refined sugar free. When we mean refined sugar-free we actually often are referring to ‘junk’ free. It’s all very well making a conscious effort to cut the junk food and the processed sugars however, you may just be consuming a little more than expected. In this article I’m releasing the secrets on the hidden sugars in some of the most unexpected food items.

Natural soya yoghurt: Recently more and more people have decided to cut back on their dairy intakes now whilst this is may be controversial and we’ll save the comment for another article; the switch to natural soya yoghurt has shown to be loaded with sugar. Be careful when adding your honey to this yoghurt as it’s already loaded up.  

Condiments: Dolloping on a side of ketchup seems pretty harmless right? Well it may be as as long as you’re aware of the 3.5g of sugar you’re loading up on too. That’s nearly 1/5th of your daily intake right there! 

Packaged soups: Yep, they’ve caught you here. One serving of soup can provide you with 12.3g of sugar. That’s looking at close to the 50% mark of your daily recommended allowance. 

Cereal bars: Watch out for the ones which claim to be healthy (they’re often the worst culprits). One popular brand which claims itself as a health bar can give you a hit of 16g of sugar per bar! 

Free-from products: It’s a common misconception that just because an item is ‘gluten-free’ means it’s healthy. This is far from the truth, gluten free products can contain just as many additives and sugars as the regular varieties so don’t be fooled!

Fruit winders: This ones slightly random but considering its popularity in children’s lunchboxes I felt the need to include it. You’d expect these to be as they say on the tin... But have you ever really looked at the ingredients? There’s all sorts in that little wheel of strawberry flavoured plastic. One 17g roll can provide you with 6.3g sugar! 

I’ve only touched on a few here as the list can go on and on but I hope I have provided you with an insight into how much sugar goes into your food that you have no idea about! Be aware next time you’re shopping. I’m not suggesting you omit these foods for the rest of your lives, I’m merely drawing your attention to the hidden sugars so you can decide what to spend your sugar intake on.