Holiday Prep: Trash The Crash (Diets)

Typically holiday preparations involve some sort of drastic, calorie restricted lemon water/   maple syrup diet. You may be familiar with putting yourself into starvation mode in the days /weeks leading up to your holiday and before you’ve even stepped off the plane you’ve eaten and drunk yourself into oblivion causing your body to cling to every last calorie. Now you’re in a worse place than when you started. 

So let’s be sensible about this. Holiday preparations don’t have to be extreme, dramatic or unsustainable. In fact its the perfect excuse to clean up your unwanted dietary habits. 

In this article I’m sharing my top tips on how to eat well in the run up to your holiday.

Smart Snacking
Control your blood sugar levels by opting for protein rich snacks. Often it can be tempting to reach for something super sweet but this will only create a blood glucose roller-coaster which will end in a crash. Snacks rich in protein include: boiled eggs, raw nuts, Greek yoghurt with berries and cinnamon or carrots and hummus. 

Make Sure You’re Drinking
I am by no means saying that you start early, I am suggesting that you keep on top of your water intake though. Often we mistake our thirst for hunger which leads to an unnecessary increase in excess food intake. Make sure you’re drinking around 2L a day and if you’re working out you should increase this to 2.5-3L a day. I recommend keeping a bottle of water with you at all times to remind you to sip regularly.

You may think that eating 5-a-day is very difficult, not practical and inconvenient. However fruits and vegetables are low energy, fibrous foods which means they’ll fill you up and keep you fuller for longer without pilling on the pounds. Try and add one extra portion of vegetables to each meal and fill your plate with vegetables of varying colours to ensure you’re getting a full range of antioxidants. 

Look After Your Gut
Gut health has become a key contributor to the pages of our daily papers.However, it really does warrant this kind of attention... Let me explain... Gut health has not only been associated with digestion and metabolism, more recently it has been linked to brain functioning and weight loss/maintenance. I recommend eating fermented foods to support a healthy gut bacteria. These foods include: sauerkraut, kefir, natto, yoghurt, kombucha. 

Reduce Your Sugar It’s no secret that sugar isn’t our friend; it contributes to cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, fatigue, poor skin and weight gain. Look out for hidden sugars in sauces, soups, drinks (even fruit waters) and perceived healthy foods e.g. Cereals, cereal bars, flavoured yoghurts and granola are they key culprits. 

Feeling great for your holiday really does not have to involve crash diets which are often unhealthy, unrealistic and unsustainable. It’s more important you make healthier choices using the tips I’ve given you to ensure you’re not putting your body under any stress or creating unhealthy habits.