Re-Boosting Your Energy Levels

I’m seeing more and more people who are struggling with their energy levels at the moment. Too many of us are relying on our morning coffees and 4 o’clock sugar pick-me-up to get us to the end of the day. However, if we fuel ourselves properly we shouldn’t feel like we’re constantly chasing the sugar and the stimulants to keep us awake. In this article I’m sharing my top tips to help you keep your energy levels up throughout the day. 

1. Drink your water: water helps to ensure that the body can maintain its daily physiological functions. Water plays a key role in transporting nutrients around the body and removing waste products.Dehydration (or hypohydration) can lead to fatigue, headaches poor concentration and irritability. 

2. Magnesium: this nutrient has recently gained a lot more attention and is a co-enzyme to 300 processes within the body including energy metabolism. Dietary sources of magnesium include: green leafy vegetables, nuts (especially almonds), seeds, bananas, fish and cocoa. 

3. Protein: will help stabilise your blood sugar levels throughout the day and keep you fuller to prevent those energy dips. Swap your sugary snacks for protein rich foods such as: eggs, hummus and carrots, nuts and seeds or Greek yoghurt topped with cinnamon and berries.  

4. B12: is essential for red blood cell production and energy metabolism. Sources include: eggs, meat and fish. Obtaining enough B12 on a plant based diet can be difficult and therefore it may be worth considering a supplement if you follow a vegan diet. 

5. B1, B3 and B6: these B-vitamins are all essential in the energy yielding metabolism. This means that they are essential in converting food into energy. Therefore a deficiency in these vitamins could lead to low energy levels and feelings of fatigue. Key sources include: nuts, seeds and fish. 

Often we turn to coffee for an immediate energy boost, however when we rely on food we no longer require these stimulants. Its important to note that change takes time and your energy levels won’t improve over night but I strongly recommend you increase the foods mentioned above and try and reduce your reliance on coffee and sugar. However, if you suspect that there may be further underlying issues please seek help from a health professional or contact me via my contact page.