Start Your 2018 Off Right

Happy New Year! You might be lying in bed right about now, head pounding, questioning all the blurs from the night before. That's absolutely FINE! Don't feel bad, guilty or anxious for letting your hair down and having a blast. After all that's what New Year is all about.

Now I'm here to make sure that the day doesn't continue like that and to help you get 2018 off the a good start. 

You'll most likely be struggling to pull the covers up a little bit further but don't worry my next tips (if followed - note that's the catch) are here to help you make the day a little less of a write-off than it just might have been. 


Tip 1. Hit the shower - ok this isn't a personal hygiene lesson but we all feel so much better once we're clean and any of our bad ideas from last night run down the drain. That's it they're gone! 

Tip 2. Hit the kitchen - let's go through this tip step by step... 1. Fill up a large glass of water and drink it slowly. It's important you rehydrate after the night before. Step 2. Make yourself a nice breakfast loaded with protein and healthy fats. I recommend eggs with veggies and salmon, or smashed avocado on rye toast, porridge packed with nut butter, nuts, seeds and berries or how about a nice warming shakshuka? Step 3. Boil the kettle and brew a herbal tea (opt for caffeine free). This can help to rehydrate you after a night of drinking. Step 4. Eat slowly - it takes 20 minutes for your brain to realise you're full. Eating slowly can help to prevent you over eating. 

Tip 3. Hit the roads - I'm not suggesting you get behind the wheel as there's a chance you've still got some alcohol swimming around in your blood. But hit the roads, the park or the woods for a nice walk and a breath of fresh air.

Following from your walk you'll feel so much better and will have the rest of the day to relax and enjoy it with those around you. Now... Let's get back to step one...Count to three and your feet must hit the floor (and from there we must part ways)... One... Two...Three