Top 5 Fitness Classes In London

I often spend my weekends and spare time trialing out the London fitness scene (agreed it's not to everybody's fancy). Although I do believe that with enough of a search there really is something for everyone. I've done the work (quite physically) and come up with my top 5 fitness classes in London and heres why. 

1. One10 Cycle - Baker Street


"There are hundreds of spin studios in London" I hear you say, so what makes this one different? I often find spin studios difficult- get in on time, set up your bike and be ready by the time the instructor shuts the door makes it a rather stressful experience. However, the friendly staff at One10 make you feel relaxed and calm about what's to come. With a fully kitted out changing room and gorgeous Cowshed products you don't need to worry about turning up to your nxt appointment still dripping in sweat!
I personally love the Nirvana class aka 'the party ride'. That's exactly what it is... Need I say more? 

2. F45 Group - Multiple Locations

f45 training.jpg

 F45s have popped up everywhere in the last few months. The class started in Australia and has now made it's way around the world. I warn you these classes aren't easy but oh my are they rewarding. With a complete mix between resistance based and cardio based classes you're sure to get a full body workout. The workout involves a circuit (depending on the class style will depend on the number of times you go round).

3. BXR, Versa Climber- Baker Street


Versa Climber - there aren't many words to describe this one. You'll need blood, sweat (an absolute ton of it) and tears to get through this class but I promise you it's worth it! The class comprises of climbing on a cross-trainer style machine for a full 45 minutes. You'll then be able to get changed in London's nicest, most well-equipped changing rooms and cool off in London's biggest showers (I kid you not). 

4. Bootcamp Pilates- Multiple Locations

bootcamp pilates.png

This reformer pilates class is perfect for toning and tightening. I swear I felt more DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after this class than some of my seriously intense gym sessions. You'll use muscles you never even know you had! 

5. Best's Bootcamp - Charing Cross and South Kensington

bests bootcamp.jpg

This bootcamp will have you sprinting, running and squatting all the way through the class. With each day of the week correlating with a certain body part you're sure to get a full body workout. The class splits into floor work (weights and body weight exercises) and time on the treads where you'll reach speeds and inclines you never knew were possible! It's an opportunity to sweat and push yourself a little further than normal. 

There you have it, a class for everyone! I'm always looking for new classes so let me know your recommendations too!