Curing Your Hangover

So for those of you who haven't taken part in dry January then this is for you and for those of you that have... Well save this article ready for next week (trust me... you'll most definitely need it). 

This week I've been giving talks at universities and so I figured the best way to tie that in with you is through an article on hangovers... I mean they affect all of us... The older we get the more we suffer... It's actually becoming embarrassing. 

Anyway here are my top 5 tips to reducing your hangover.... 

hangover 1.jpeg

1. Let's start with dinner: typically people think loading up on a carb heavy meal (e.g. pasta or bread) will help to 'line the stomach and soak up the alcohol. However, you're much better off eating a meal rich in protein and healthy fats as these take longer to digest and consequently help to slow down the absorption of the alcohol. Opt for a piece of meat, fish or tofu with vegetables. 

2. Drink plenty of water! No this I'm not recommending this to be a kill joy. Alcohol contributes to dehydration (which is part of the reason you get hungover the next day) and so drinking water between each drink can help to rehydrate you gradually. Drinking a large amount of water at the end of the night may just contribute to increased urine volume, you're better off to drink a small amount more regularly. 

3. Opt for lower sugar drinks: Sugary drinks contribute to the calorie content of the drinks and may worsen you're hangover. Opt for clear spirits, lime and sparkling water or champagne as an alternative to prosecco (it's much lower in sugar... albeit more pricey!)

4. Vitamins: As the body sees alcohol as a poison it works to remove it as quick as possible. This uses up a lot of your nutrients which contributes to that hangover feeling. Taking a multi vitamin (or two) before bed can help to replenish the losses and consequently reduce the effects of your hangover. 

5. Start well: Often a hangover also comes with cravings for foods high in fat with a side of grease. Rather than going for a Maccy D's opt for breakfast rich in protein and vegetables to help stabilise your blood sugar. Make sure you wake up to a glass of water too rather than a coffee as coffee will contribute to your dehydration. 

There you have it. Enjoy your night out, have a few drinks and look after yourself during the process! Trust me, you'll thank me the next day.