Dine In For One For Less Than A Fiver

Eating healthy is very often associated with expense. However, I'm here to show you it doesn't have to be. Here's a super easy and cheap week night recipe for less than £5. I've assumed you already have salt and oil. All prices are based on Tesco prices. 

This recipe serves at least two meals so you can put it in a tuperwear and take it to work the next day! 


1 red onion - £0.16
2 carrots - £0.08
1 bag of spinach - £0.95
1 sweet potato - £0.26
1 clove of garlic - £0.30 (for the blub)
1 aubergine - £0.70
1 courgette - £0.40
1 x 400g tin chickpeas - £0.50
1 x 400g tin lentils - £0.50
1x 400g tin Italian chopped tomatoes - £0.26
Generous pinch of salt
1 tsp garam masala - £ 0.85
1 tbsp oil

dine in for one.jpeg


1. Heat the oil in a pan. 
2. Chop the onions and grate the garlic. Add to the pan with the garam masala and sautee until soft. 
3. Peel and slice the carrots and sweet potato, chop the aubergine and courgettes. 
4. Add the vegetables to the pan and allow to combine with spices for about 5 minutes.
5. Add the chopped tomatoes and salt and allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes. 
6. Add the chickpeas, lentils and spinach (allow to wilt) and cook for a further 3 minutes. 
5. Once all the vegetables are soft and the spinach has wilted, serve up and enjoy.