Prepping For A Big New Years Eve?

New Year’s Eve is very much upon us! It’s often a time where people drown their previous year in alcohol in hope for a ‘better’ one next year. Come on guys… Let’s celebrate the achievements whilst enjoying what’s ahead. NYE should be enjoyed but I thought I’d provide my top tips for doing so. (I’m sure you’ve clocked on by now… No national holiday goes by without me wanting to get a few words in!) Before going on a big night out you should always be mindful of ensuring that you have a good meal before drinking into the early hours. So here’s my advice… (Do with it as you wish- so they say).


1.       Load up on the proteins and healthy fats. You’re probably thinking that this will take you longer to feel the effects of your G&T. In actual fact it slows the metabolism of alcohol, causing less stress to your liver and reducing the chances of you over eating when you’re ful blown intoxicating (and it won’t be the broccoli you’re reaching for). Opt for meat or fish and veg, an omelette, or a mixed bean stew as a way to line your stomach.

  1. Drink your water. In between your alcoholic beverages, have a glass of water- this wouldn't make you feel any less drunk but your head will thank you in the morning! Drinking water throughout the evening will help you stay hydrated and reduce the impact of your hangover.  

  2. Avoid that late night run to the chip shop… It’s common to associate a few drink with a greasy fish and chips or a Maccy D’s but this is where you risk massively over consuming. Instead make sure your fridge is full with some left over dinner if you’re really hungry when you get in.

  3. Load up on the green veg before hand. Green vegetables are a great source of magnesium which is one of the key nutrients which gets depleted during alcohol metabolism. Magnesium is required in over 300 processes in the body meaning you’re even less likely to function effectively the next day.

  4. Support your liver… If you are enjoying a few alcoholic bevys make sure you’re supporting your liver. Green tea, beetroot, grapefruit, pears and nuts are all great for the liver.

There you go – 5 VERY simple tips to help start 2019 in a slightly better state (maybe than 2018 but that’s for you to decide!) Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!