Is The Office Snacking Culture Getting The Better Of You?

Let’s talk about the office snack culture. Office cake culture is a ‘thing’ which exists all year round although I’m sure you agree that it definitely gets worse around this time of year. Is your office filled with mince pies, chocolate, gingerbread, fruit cakes and brownies?!

mince pies.jpg

Fear not. You’re not alone and office cake culture can sometimes feel like a constant battle. Latest research suggests 1/3 of office workers believe that office cake has lead to their weight gain. 36% of people said they never refuse office cake and and 86% of office workers said cake is available to them at least once a week. 95% of people don’t want to have as much access to office cake as they currently have.

So, what can you do about this?

Office snacks often strike you when you’re on your way to the bathroom, the kitchen or even off to a meeting. Just because it’s there isn’t to suggest you must eat them. Equally nor am I suggesting you avoid them for the whole festive period. But think to yourself… are you happy with the amount of sweet treats you are noshing on at work at the moment? If the answer is no then follow on with my tips below.

1.      Discuss with your collegues whether they are happy with the current cake situation. If they’re not either then try and get a petition going to reduce the amount you have in the office.

2.      Ask for the cake to be kept out of sight so it’s there for those that want but isn’t staring you in the face every time you walk to the printer.

3.      Break the trends – what’s stopping you buying some fruit or nuts to add to the selection. This is a great way to slowly ease people to making healthier choices.

4.      Stay hydrated – often when you’re dehydrated you’re more likely to overconsume and if the foods there then you’re likely to have more than you wanted to.

5.      Be prepared – even if you’re too embarrassed to buy fruit and nuts for the whole company make sure you have some of your own. Often it can feel isolating to see that everyone is enjoying their snack around you but you’re sat there trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Opt for nuts, a date and nut bar, carrots and hummus or some oat cakes to keep in your desk draw.

6.      Try a tea first – sometimes a simple herbal tea can help to curb those cravings and lose that desire to snack. If the tea doesn’t hit the spot then you know that you genuinely want and need that snack!

There you have my top tips on the office snacking culture. Remember though if you are one to feel that your office plays home to a few too many snacks try speaking to people. You might find out you’re not the only one!