Healthier Snack Ideas For The Superbowl

The Super Bowl, aka an opportunity to cram in nachos drowned in cheese, chicken dippers, ice cream, chocolates all washed down with a fair few beers. This isn't exactly the healthiest picture. For some of you, you'll be more than happy to enjoy this night (and that's so fine) but for others you may feel that there's nothing else and so you'll join in against your will. So here are some of my healthier Super Bowl suggestions which you can whip up super quickly (if you're hosting) or take with you if you're a guest at someone else's palce. 

veg skewers.jpeg
  • Sweet potato wedges topped with guac and tomato salsa. 
  • Lettuce wrap with veggie or beef mince 
  • Chicken skewers with a peanut butter and yoghurt dip 
  • Mixed bean salad
  • Emily crisps and hummus - these air dried vegetable crisps spice up your typical hummus and crudites by adding an extra crunch and the salty taste you’d often crave from a bag of crisps.
  • Banana ice cream or even a healthier ice cream (my current favourite is CoFro)

There you have a few simple ideas. They don't have to be show stoppers or even anything fancy. Just a healthier alternative to some of the now 'Super Bowl classics'.