5 Daily Habits Which Might Be Affecting Your Healthy Glow

We know about how external environmental factors can affect our skin. I.e the make up we use, the cleanser we wash with and the pollution around us. However, we appear to be kept in the dark about how some of our daily habits might be affecting the health of our skin. So in this article I'm shedding light on how some of your daily habits might be risking that natural healthy glow! 

healthy skin.jpeg


1. Excess sugar consumption: here it is again. Excess sugar can enhance the release of insulin which can cause inflammation and impaired collagen production. Digested sugar can also bind to collagen to further inhibit your glow! 

2. Excess  coffee consumption: coffee is a diuretic which means its likely to contribute to dehydrated skin. If you are a big coffee consumer try swapping one or two cups a day for herbal tea and ensure you're drinking the equivalent amount of water to maintain your hydration status. 

3. Poor sleep: sleep is the time for our skin to repair and rejuvenate. The term 'beauty sleep' didn't stem from no where! If you're someone who has difficulty sleeping try consuming caffeine no later than 2pm, and incorporate more gut friendly foods into the diet (as the gut is responsible for secreting melatonin - the sleep hormone). Gut friendly foods include: fermented vegetables, kefir, kombucha and Greek yoghurt.

4. Smoking: this can increase oxidative stress and limit blood flow to the skin. Furthermore smoking can generate inflammation and can cause your skin to look dull and grey. 

5. Low fat diets: fats are essential for maintaining the epidermis (the outer protective layer of the skin cells). Therefore following a low fat diet may risk the protective nature of the skin causing it more prone to damage from external factors. Additionally, fats are required for the absorption of certain nutrients particularly vitamins A and E which are essential for the production of collagen and elastin (two key components of healthy skin). 

There are a variety of other factors which can affect your skin health. Do let me know if you're keen to find out more!