Breaking Your Reliance on Sugar

How do I break my reliance on sugar? This is one of the most common questions I get asked so I thought I’d share some of my answers on here.

Firstly, I’d recommend assessing when you’re consuming the most sugar and if there are any trends in your habits. I.e. are you stressed or anxious? Maybe you’re bored or miserable? Are there certain times of the day that you feel these cravings are stronger than others? Do you use sugar as a fast energy hit?

There are hundreds of questions which you could ask yourself here. Although as we are all unique your reasoning for eating more sugar than you’d like might be different to your SO’s, best friend or neighbours. The point is once you’ve started to identify your triggers you can help to put strategies in place to change these habits.

Now before we go any further I want to reiterate that I’m not suggesting you can never have sugar again, I’m simply making you aware (if you’re someone who’s over consuming it regularly) of how you can reduce your intake.

Right, moving on…

  1. Don’t keep it in your house (or your car!)

The first way which can really help to reduce your cravings is simply by not buying it and keeping it in your house. I often get the excuse ‘but my kids like it’, well in all honesty your kids shouldn’t be over consuming on it either. Make a shopping list and avoid deviating from the list whilst you’re out. I’d also like to put in here that it’s never a good idea to go food shopping whilst you’re hungry!


2. Start your day with a high protein breakfast

You’ve no doubt heard me talk about this before but starting your day with a high protein breakfast can help to prevent your blood sugar levels dropping too low. When your blood sugar levels are low you’re much more likely to crave a fast releasing energy source (incoming sugar) and you’re more likely to eat more of it too. Opt for eggs with avocado, peanut butter on rye toast or porridge with Greek yoghurt or some high quality protein powder.

3. Be prepared

Of course there will be days where you’ll just want a cookie and that’s totally fine but for the other days whilst you’re trying to break such a reliance on sugar make sure you have other snack options to prevent you feeling like you’re missing out. See my snack list below

  • Pip and Nut Almond Butter Sachets

  • Nakd Bars (for the sweeter options)

  • Emily vegetable crisps

  • Nush squeezy tubes

  • Brave roasted pea mixes.

4. Opt for herbal teas

Sometimes breaking the cravings are simply about breaking the habits. It’s so much easier to break a habit when you’re putting a new one in place. Switching your evening sweet snack for a herbal tea can really help to satisfy that sweet tooth whilst providing you with something to sip on throughout your evening TV session. If you’re still cravings something sweet afterwards then opt for 2 squares of dark chocolate or some berries with cinnamon and Greek yoghurt.

5. Take time out for you!

For some sugar consumption is linked with your emotions. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or upset why not try taking some time out for you. Have a cuppa, run a bath, read a book or switch on a short YouTube yoga session. This can often distract you from your emotions and also help to break the association between sugar and your emotional state.

Bonus Tip: Cut the unnecessary additions.

Cutting sugary drinks and adding sugar to your tea and coffee is one of the simplest ways of reducing your overall sugar consumption. Sugar in liquid form is absorbed rapidly into the blood stream and drives your blood sugar rollercoaster.

So there you have a few top tips in helping to lower your overall sugar consumption. I’d love to hear how you get on with this so feel free to drop me a message on Instagram @jennahopenutrition or send me an email!