2019 Food Trends...

As we’re living in such a fast pace environment food trends are changing by the day. So here’s a run down of what to expect this year:

1.     Products made from surplus food. Brands such as ChicP Hummus, Snact (dried fruit snacks) and Spare fruit (fruit crisps) are using surplus produce to make delicious and nutritious snacks.

2.     Probiotics added to everyday products such as granola, nut butters, soups and energy bars. As we’ve seen over the past few years gut health has really taken the limelight and as a result brands are looking for all opportunities to help support your gut microbiome.


3.     Hemp – set to be the next big thing, hemp seeds, hemp butter and even hemp pasta is on the horizon. Hemp is a great source of protein, healthy fats and fibre.

4.     Vegan snacks – I’m sure there’s no surprise there. With the rise of Veganuary and environmental concern plant based alternatives are on the rise. Marks and Spencer and Waitrose have both recently launched a new vegan range with a options ranging from vegan burgers to jackfruit salads and vegan bolognaise.

5.     Alternative ice cream flavours – yes you read correctly, there’s talks of hummus, avocado and tahini ice creams. As a self-confessed hummus addict I’m yet to be convinced on this one…

ice cream.jpg

There you have a little insight of what’s to come! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so keep me posted over on Instagram @jennahopenutrition.