Prepping Your Health

As it’s Sunday (if you’re reading this from my newsletter – which you can sign up via my home page if you’re not) I thought I would share my top tips for starting your week on a healthy step.

Set your intentions the night before. Mondays are often an excuse to ‘start a fresh’ or begin on another crash diet. Although if you’re familiar with this pattern you’ll also know that as it’s a recurring weekly process it’s evident that this strategy doesn’t work. This is why I’ve written this article to help break this pattern and really set your week up in a healthy way.

1.       Prep your breakfast

Sunday evenings are the perfect time to slice your mushrooms and tomatoes ready for a pan. You can even mix your eggs together in a bowl with salt and pepper all set to scramble in the morning. Alternatively, if oats are more your thing then why not try an overnight oats recipe where you simply soak 1 part oats to 1 part milk (of your choice) with water, then add spices, fruit and a sweetener of your choice.

2.       Plan and diarise your workouts

The key here is to diarise. If you don’t diarise your workouts you’re simply suggesting that your plan is flexible. Although writing them into your diary means you’re less likely to let other commitments take over.

3.       Stock up your fridge or write your shopping list

If you’re already in wrapped up in bed by the time you’re reading this then how about writing your food shopping list for this week. You’re much more likely to stick to the healthy options if you write a list and don’t divert from it! Split the list into: meats/fish/eggs/ tofu, fruit and vegetables, complex carbohydrates (quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, oats, kidney beans, chickpeas, sweet potatoes etc), dairy or dairy alternatives and then snacks. This is a great way to help you plan your meals and eat healthier without spending a fortune too.


4.       Plan your self-care time

Self-care is really important when it comes to overall health and ironically it’s often over looked. Check your diary and see if you have any evenings in. I always recommend trying to have at least two evenings in, a week to help ensure you’ve got some down time. Self-care time can be anything from a 20-minute yoga YouTube video, a bath, a cup of tea or baking session.

5.       Wash and Chop

Wash and chop your vegetables in order to ensure you’ve got snacks. Peppers, cucumbers and carrots make for great snacks with hummus or guacamole for a quick snack.

These super simple tips are a great way for starting your week off on the right foot. You no longer have to embark on a new diet every Monday. Instead try focusing on making these healthy habits a lifestyle!