How to Achieve Your 30g of Fibre Every Day

If you follow me on social media and or have been reading my articles for a while now you’ll know that I am a big fan of fibre and trying to ensure that we pack enough of it in per day.

In order to make this a super simple and quick read I’m not going to take you through all the reasons why we need fibre (that’s been done in a previous post – click here). I’m simply going to share what 30g of fibre per day looks like in meals. Please note this is not a plan which you must stick to and you certainly shouldn’t follow this every day as you need to ensure nutrient variety in your diet. It’s here as an example and a guidance.

Please also note if you’re eating a very low fibre diet at the moment you should increase it gradually. Increasing it drastically can lead to disrupted gut symptoms.

30g of fibre looks like…

porridge `.png

1 bowl of porridge with half a banana = 5.5g
1 apple = 4.4g
Hummus and falafel wholegrain wrap – 12g
1 handful of almonds = 2g
Salmon, roasted quinoa and veggie salad = 9g

Totalling: 32.9g

It really isn’t that difficult to hit your daily targets. Here are my top tips for upping your daily intake:

  • Switching your high sugar snack for nuts and seeds

  • Adding milled flaxseeds to your porridge, smoothies and yoghurt in the morning

  • Adding one extra portion of vegetables to each meal

  • Snacking on fruit

  • Switching your white refined grains for wholegrains e.g. brown pasta, brown rice, quinoa etc.