Almond, Banana and Coconut Ice Cream

As we're coming into summer I figured I'd get creative on the ice cream front and I am so glad I did! This creamy and delicious ice cream is low in sugar and the perfect end to a summer BBQ!


  • 150g almonds (or almond butter)
    3 frozen bananas
    1 x400ml tin of full fat coconut milk
    1/2 tsp vanilla powder
    2 tbsp lucuma powder (optional – can sub for honey or maple syrup)
    1/2 tsp cinnamon


1. Pre heat the oven to 180°C.
2. Roast the almonds for 10-12 minutes in the oven before removing and placing into a food processor.
3. Process the almonds until they become a smooth nut butter (you will need to scrape down the sides and be aware this can take 10-15 minutes depending on your food processor).
4. Once the almonds have created a smooth nut butter (or if you’re using regular nut butter begin here) add the bananas, coconut milk, vanilla powder, lucuma (or alternative) and cinnamon. Blend until smooth.
5. Line a cake tin and pour out the mix. Place it in the freezer for at least 3 hours. Remove from the freezer and allow to thaw slighlty before enjoying!