Blackberry and Orange Mocktail

Summer is often all about the drinks and if you're not drinking it can sometimes feel slightly isolating. Don't get me wrong we all enjoy a drink at times but we don't necessarily always want to drink and sometimes can't. I've developed this delicious summer drink to ensure you never miss out again!


  • 2 handfuls of blackberries
    Juice 1/2 orange (+ slice of orange for garnish)
    400ml  sparkling water
    Honey optional
    Ice (optional)


1. Muddle the blackberries (and honey if using) in a glass with 100ml of sparkling water.
2. Strain the berries into a separate glass and pour in the orange juice and the sparkling water.
3. Place the orange slice onto the side of the glass.
4. Add ice if desired and enjoy!