Valentines Chocolate Orange Truffles

Treat your valentine this Valentine's Day with these absolutely heavenly truffles made with natural ingredients. They're smooth, creamy and chocolatey, absolutely perfect as an after dinner truffle. These do contain natural sugars and so whilst enjoying them be mindful and don't eat them all at once!


  • For the truffles:
    12 medjool dates (pitted)
    3 tsp cacao powder
    zest of one orange
    50 g almond butter (the solid bits work best in this recipe)
    1 tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice

    For the chocolate:
    50g cacao butter
    15g cacao powder
    2 tbsp maple syrup or coconut nectar
    pinch of salt
    3 drops of orange essence


1. Place the dates into to food processor and blend first.
2. Add the cacao powder, orange zest, almond butter and orange juice and blitz until a dough-like texture forms.
3. Roll the mix into balls and place in the freezer for about 20 minutes.
4. In the mean time, melt the cacao butter over a very low heat, once melted add the cacao powder, maple syrup or coconut nectar, salt and orange essence and stir until smooth.
5. Remove the truffles from the freezer and coat each one in the chocolate, return them to the freezer for another half an hour and re-coat. Return the truffles to the freezer for about 2 hours to fully set. Serve and enjoy!